Assiginack Updates on Covid-19

Dietitian Advice

How To Stay Active At Home

Easy Tutorial on How to Make Face Masks

Covid-19 Music

All marinas, boat launches, parks, trails and any other municipal properties are closed to the public. We implore you to stay home.

Building permits will not be issued until further notice.

Kids Help Line Phone: 1-800-668-6868 Text: 686868

Daily updates with Dr. Bedard will begin March 18th at noon on the Township of Assiginack facebook page, as he does live video. Questions can be emailed to Tune in at noon to be updated on Covid-19.

Dr. John Campbell youtube daily videos on Covid-19 (recommended by Dr. Bedard)

Medcram youtube videos on Covid-19 (recommended by Dr. Bedard)

Safe Grocery Shopping Handling in Your Home

Maintaining Social Distancing

April 3, 2020 video of Dietitian Nola on Panic Buying and Sensible Shopping and Dr. Bedard

March 27, 2020 video of Dr. Bedard

How to Pump Gas and Protect Yourself from Covid-19

March 26, 2020 video of OPP Constable Ford

March 23, 2020 video of Dr. Bedard

March 21, 2020 video of Dr. Bedard

March 20, 2020 video of Dr. Bedard

March 18, 2020 video of Dr. Bedard

March 16, 2020 video of Dr. Bedard

Treatment of SARS coronavirus

The Guardian newspaper article on Italy

Creators Garden – how to make cedar tea

Journal of American Medicine Association

New England Journal of Medicine

John Hopkins University Covid-19 map

DIETITIAN ADVICE – What foods to eat while self isolating

March 23, 2020 Canada Post is reduced hours, Monday 9-12, 2-5; Tues-Fri 9-12, 1-4. First hour for seniors, vulnerable

Easter Egg Hunt in Manitowaning has been cancelled

March 20, 2020 The municipal office will be closed to the public. The office will be taking phone calls from 8:30 am to noon Monday to Friday. Emails will be monitored continuously. To reach staff: 

CAO – Alton Hobbs

Treasurer – Deb MacDonald

Tax/Utility Manager – Freda Bond

March 19, 2020 the municipal office will be limiting its office hours to 8:30 am to 12 pm Monday-Friday until further notice.

Bank of Montreal hours are now Mon/Wed/Fri 10 am to 1:30 pm.

** Tax bills are due this week (March 18), in an effort to try and reduce contact, we kindly ask that you use alternate methods to pay. The first by setting it up through your bank, or you can pay online from our website on this page, please note when paying online the account number you insert is your roll number and you start with the first ‘0’ and end with the last ‘0’. If you are coming in to pay, please put your cheque and tax stub in an envelope and we will receive that. If you are bringing in cash, please try to have the correct change and insert that into an envelope with your tax stub. We truly appreciate the effort our ratepayers are making in working together as a community!

FREE WIFI can be found in the parking lot of the Information Booth on Hwy 6 and outside the Assiginack Library and Arena.

CALL FOR VOLUNTEERS if you are able and willing to volunteer to help seniors run errands etc. Please email and give your name and phone number.

SENIORS/THOSE SELF ISOLATING WE ARE HERE TO HELP! Volunteers in conjunction with the Township of Assiginack would like to reach out to the seniors/those in need in the community to offer help. 
If you need errands run, or grocery shopping done etc, please call the office at 705 859-3196. If we are closed, please leave a message with your name, phone number and your request. Or email with the above details. 
Someone will get back to you as soon as possible. The goal is to protect our community and keep everyone safe!

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March 17, 2020 Council meeting is cancelled

March 15, 2020 Dr. Bedard of the Assiginack Family Health Team gave a live video presentation on Covid-19. The video can be found here:

Dr. Bedard gave a few links that may interest people:

Dr. Seheult

Dr. John Campbell

Public Health Sudbury & Districts

Public Health Agency of Canada

March 13, 2020 All events in Assiginack are cancelled. The library and arena are closed. You can still get an Overdrive account from the library so you/your children can download books on your device. Call 705 859 2110 and leave a message. This opportunity is only open to Assiginack ratepayers. If you are unwell, we ask that you do not visit the library or return your books for a two week period. During the suspension of library services no fines will be incurred to library patrons.