Pumpkin Festival and Haunted Ride


7-9 pm, cost $2 per person

After 2 years we think we have alot of the kinks worked out! The Haunted Ride had such overwhelming success that it is back with a new scary route and an extra tractor and wagon to help control the line ups. Taking place on October 19, 2019 this event is a must for all who like a little thrill in their life and can enjoy a real hayride on a wagon! Takes place at Assiginack Arena at 59 Vankoughnet Street, Manitowaning.



11-3 PM

The following day, October 20th, dawns the Pumpkin Festival! Event takes place at Assiginack Fairgrounds at 59 Vankoughnet Street, Manitowaning. No admission to get into event. Come and see the Ventriloquist Mark Crocker! Refreshments, enter the baking contests or hay bale throwing! Try your hand at hoop golf and watch the pumpkin catapult take place!


Activities include:


Craft vendors


Seed spitting

Games: hoop golf, chalk drawing,  bowling, bean bag throwing and more


All entries must be in by noon for judging, tables will be set up at the pavilion with each baking contest clearly marked:

Bagel Bake Off for Kids

If stuck for a bagel recipe, try this super easy 2 ingredient bagel recipe which we have tested over 200 times!

2 age categories (8 and under, 9 yrs +) with a 1st prize of $30 and 2nd prize of $25 for each category.

Pumpkin Loaf Contest

Bring in a pumpkin loaf.

2 age categories, 17 yrs and younger and 18+ yrs of age, with a 1st prize of $30 and 2nd prize of $25 for each category.

Paper Mache Contest for Kids

1st place – $15, 2nd place – $10, 3rd place – $5

Seed Spitting Contest – $10

Hay Bale Throwing Contest

See how high you can throw the haybale onto the wagon! 2 categories ages 16 and under, adults

Prize of $30 each for best in each category.





Please email info@assiginack.ca if you plan to enter. It helps with the planning.


The Pumpkin Catapult has  rules to ensure the playing field is level. Please see below.

Grand Champion wins a prize of $500

Two additional prizes of $100 each for Team with Most Spirit and the Catapult Catastrophe award.


Pumpkin Catapult/Trebuchet Rules

The Township will be enforcing the rules. The event will start at 1:30 pm, or at the discretion of Event Organizer (should prior events run late) but you are to be ready for 1:30 pm.    You are encouraged to come early so you are ready.

  1. Pumpkins must weigh between 2 and 10 pounds. You are responsible to bring your own pumpkins (5-8 pumpkins)
  2. Machine shall consist of springs, cords, rubber, dead weights, or other mechanical means of creating a stored energy.
  3. The machine must perform with some sort of swinging arm (trebuchet) to make the pumpkin travel.
  4. A mechanical Device may be used to cock machine.
  5. These machines need a Back Stop.
  6. Only 3 people will be allowed with the machine. No one else is allowed in the area or behind.
  7. All machines must be able to load and fire within three (3) minutes. If a team is not ready to fire within that three minute window, the team may be skipped in order and allowed to fire last in the round, or may forfeit the shot at the discretion of the competition organizers.
  8. Failure to oblige by the rules will result in disqualification.


You are encouraged to contact info@assiginack.ca if you have any questions or clarifications regarding rules.

Thank you OCWA for being a sponsor!