Public Works




Please drive according to local road conditions.  Please monitor local radio stations for the most current weather conditions.


The Public Works Staff work on a seven-day basis during the winter months.  Snow plowing, sanding and salting routes are designed and followed to ensure that school bus routes and access to essential services such as the school, fire hall, and medical clinic, etc. are accessible.


The Township’s policies prohibit overnight parking on public roads, streets, turn-arounds etc. from the 1st of November until the 15th of April.  Township operators will be obligated to plow around vehicles that do not adhere to this policy and the Township accepts no liability for damages done to vehicles which contravene this policy.  The Township also reserves the right to have such vehicles removed at the owner’s expense.  Please do not park on public roads as per the Township’s policy to avoid these situations.


The Township maintains a supply of winter sand to use on Township roads.  We ask that members of the public refrain from stocking up on it for private use.


Please remember that public safety is our primary goal in our winter maintenance practices.


By-law #01-03 Regulating parking for snow removal


For Public Works related inquiries, please contact:

Ron Cooper, Public Works Superintendent
Telephone: (705) 859-3780 (Public Works Garage)
Facsimile: (705) 859-3010
Email: (Attn: Public Works)

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