Building Information

The Chief Building Official (CBO) is responsible for overseeing of the requirements of the Ontario Building Code (O.B.C.) and those of the Assiginack and Manitowaning Zoning By-laws as they relate to buildings. This covers reviewing the permissible uses and the limiting parameters for the different uses on a property as they relate to the Township’s Zoning By-laws, once all of the pertinent information has been submitted in writing. The CBO also reviews that minimum standards have been met prior to and for the actual construction of a project through the Ontario Building Code (O.B.C.).

The Building By-law #99-03 outlines guidelines and details of building construction, demolition, change of use permits, inspections and fees.

The Building Official is in the office every Wednesday from 1 pm to 2:30 pm.  Anyone interested in speaking with the Building Official in person, is advised to meet him at the office during these hours. The Building Official should be contacted directly to make an appoint at 705-626-7143.

Click Here for an Application for a Permit to Construct or Demolish

The above application for a permit to construct or demolish can be filled out on the computer, however it must be printed and signed by the appropriate individuals and accompanied by all other pertinent drawings, attachments, etc. in order to be evaluated and have a permit issued by the CBO.