February 12, 2018 - Special Council Meeting





The Special Meeting of the Council of the Corporation of the Township of Assiginack was held in the Council Chambers on Monday, February 12th, 2018 at 10:28 a.m.


Present: Mayor Paul Moffatt, Councillor Robert Case, Councillor Les Fields, Councillor Hugh Moggy, Councillor Brenda Reid

Staff: Jeremy Rody: Clerk, Alton Hobbs: CAO, Deb MacDonald: Treasurer, Ron Cooper: Public Works Superintendent, Dwayne Elliott: Fire Chief

Others: Dan Moody, P.Eng, Tulloch Engineering



#055-04-18    H. Moggy – L. Fields

THAT this Special Meeting of the Council of the Corporation of the Township of Assiginack be opened for business with a quorum of members present at 10:28 a.m., with Mayor Moffatt presiding in the Chair.  CARRIED



None declared.



Proposed New Fire Hall Preliminary Design Summary

Dan Moody from Tulloch Engineering was in attendance to discuss the preliminary design and cost of a proposed new Fire Hall for the Assiginack Fire Department.  He took Council through a proposed site plan, floor plan, building diagram, and exterior elevation drawings.  He entertained questions from Council throughout the presentation as there was a lengthy discussion of a second floor space located above the administration side of the building.

Mr. Moody explained the building design features, such as wood framed interior, barrier free doors, insulated overhead and personnel doors, LED lighting, as well as an in-depth explanation of pre-engineered steel construction materials.

He then explained the mechanical design features like the two-stage propane furnace for the administration side of the building, ventilation using a heat recovery unit, exhaust systems for washrooms and kitchenette.  The Truck Bay area includes mechanical features like propane fired radiant tube heaters, vehicle tailpipe exhaust systems, CO/NOx detection system, and a bunker room with separate exhaust and heating system.

The plumbing design features include a sink in the kitchenette area and a shower in the barrier free washroom for convenience.  The Truck Bay area would house an eye-wash station, two large diameter truck tank water fill hose connection services, and a large underground oil interceptor.  There will also be a domestic cold water hose bib for convenience.

Electrical design features include LED lighting throughout, occupancy sensors to minimize lighting costs, provisions for future installation of an automatic standby generator, automatic doors, and washroom emergency call system.  Exterior lighting will include wall mounted LED wall packs and is dark-sky compliant.

Mr. Moody explained in detail some of the site design items like drainage, water and sanitary sewer servicing, parking lot construction, and site lighting.  There was some discussion of the need for an asphalt parking lot versus a gravel parking lot or just a concrete entry pad extending into the gravel parking lot.

Mr. Moody then went into the financial portion of his presentation.  The estimated cost of what he presented to Council was $931,575.00, specifically $680,500 in building costs and $251,075.00 in site development costs.  It was determined during the meeting that $4,000 included for MTO Permits would not be applicable.  There would also be costs savings if the building height was lowered, reducing the size of the second floor area to a usable mezzanine instead of a floor second floor.  That would also eliminate the need for a possible elevator installation.  There was discussion of reducing the width of the building to reduce the cost.  The Mayor asked if the cost of the building could come down to $750,000.00 as that would be more in line with the Council’s budget.  Mr. Moody agreed to go through the cost estimate again and incorporate what was discussed and this meeting in order to reduce the cost.



#056-04-18    L. Fields – H. Moggy

THAT the CAO and Treasurer be authorized to sign a Contribution Agreement with the Province of Ontario, Ministry of Food, Agriculture, and Rural Affairs, for funding received from the Rural Economic Development Program.  CARRIED



#057-04-18    R. Case – B. Reid

THAT we adjourn until the next regular meeting or call of the Chair.  CARRIED


________________________                  _________________________

Paul Moffatt, MAYOR                                  Jeremy Rody, CLERK


12:50 p.m.

These Minutes have been circulated but are not considered Official until approved by Council.