April 7, 2016 - Special Council Meeting



To Be Held in the Council Chambers
Thursday, April 7, 2016 at 9:00 a.m.

Council’s Special Meeting Agenda

For consideration:


a) Adoption of Agenda
b) Disclosure of Pecuniary Interest and General Nature Thereof


a) Long-term Budget Discussion with Department Heads
b) Capital Budget


*Meeting will adjourn for lunch and return at 12 p.m. for the Closed Session


a) The security of the property of the municipality (Municipal Act, 2001, c.25 s.239 (2) (a))






Held Thursday, April 7, 2016 at 9:20 a.m.

Municipal Office Council Chambers



Mayor: Paul Moffatt, Members Brenda Reid, Leslie Fields, Hugh Moggy, Robert Case

C.A.O: Alton Hobbs, Clerk: Jeremy Rody, Treasurer: Deb MacDonald

Staff: Jackie White, Ron Cooper, Deb Robinson, Annette Virtanen, Kelsey Maguire


#109-09-16      H. Moggy – L. Fields

THAT this special meeting of the Council of the Corporation of the Township of Assiginack be opened for business with a quorum of members present at 9:20 a.m., with Mayor Moffatt presiding in the Chair. CARRIED


#110-09-16      L. Fields – H. Moggy

THAT the agenda for this meeting be amended by deleting the following item:

3-A) The security of the property of the municipality;

AND THAT the agenda be accepted as amended. CARRIED


No Disclosures of Pecuniary Interest



The CAO opened by explaining the purpose of the meeting was for the Township Department Heads to present long-term needs of their department to Council for planning purposes. Note: the Fire Chief will speak to Council with his requests at the Regular Meeting of Tuesday, April 19th at 5 p.m.


Project and Events Coordinator

The Project and Event Coordinator gave a summary of the last 2.5 years – over $97,000 has been received in the form of grants to the Township.  This money has been used to fund programs and events.

Capital requests made by the PEC were:

(1) Upgraded/Re-Designed Website;

(2) Infrastructure Funding Commitment – Back end of Arena

(3) Senior’s Park Committee Projects – outdoor amphitheatre, walking paths, re-development of waterfront.

The PEC entertained questions from Council, they indicated that the website should be a priority.


Public Works

The Public Works Superintendent requested that two culvert crossings in Clover Valley needing to be replaced be included in the capital budget.  An engineering estimate will be requested from the drainage superintendent. Estimated cost: $40,000.

Another capital budget request was to re-build the cement landing and re-work the drainage at the old Municipal Office, specifically at the Manitoulin Streams entrance.  This area of the building has flooded several times and should be addressed before the problem gets worse. Estimated cost: $15,000.

The Superintendent asked for approximately $30,000 to hire a contractor to do ditching work throughout the Township.

At the previous budget meeting Staff were requested to get engineering estimates on addressing the roads and infrastructure on Queen and Arthur Street as well as to engineer Mitchell’s Hill.  The quotes came back at $40,000 and $25,000 respectively, to get to the point where the Township could apply for funding to complete the projects.

Councillor Reid suggested that an additional $15,000 be allocated to hardtop roads maintenance.


Assiginack Public Library

The Librarian thanked current and past Council’s for the Library Reserve that funded the recently completed Library Expansion.  The only budget items needed for the library in the short term would be to freshen up the old side of the Library as it has the original paint and carpeting; install a light at the back of the building; and, a new garbage bin is required.  The Library Board will decide what to do with the garden area in the front of the building.


Assiginack Arena

The Arena Manager explained to Council and showed them pictures of the water that comes in on the north wall of the arena.  This has resulted in almost losing the change rooms and causes ice to build up in the spectator area.  She stressed that this problem be addressed otherwise the change rooms are at risk of molding.

Other requests from the Arena Manager included:

  • An electrician is working on a price to upgrade the fuse panel
  • 100 folding chairs have been ordered, an additional 100 would be all the arena would need for a full capacity event
  • Painting rink boards
  • Folding stage and transport cart
  • Painting the atrium
  • Installing brick around the wooden posts in the breezeway
  • Automatic floor scrubber
  • Installing sliding doors on canteen window
  • An alarm system for compressor failures

Council asked about the replacement costs for a new zamboni and arena ice plant.  The Arena Manager reported that the costs are between $80,000-90,000 and $250,000-290,000, respectively.  Council noted that the north wall should be their first priority at the arena followed by painting the rink boards and that they will start a split reserve for a new zamboni and ice plant.


Museum Curator

The Curator noted a number of maintenance items that need to be addressed at the Museum building and on the property.

  • Mortar is deteriorating on a base log at the school house building
  • Leak in Museum entrance
  • Four trees need trimming on the grounds
  • Painting in various areas of the building
  • Floors need to be waxed
  • New battery for emergency lights
  • Event hosting fund
  • Cracked glass on window pane
  • Replace or remove fans in washrooms

Long-term Curator Requests:

  • Roof on 1967 extension will need new shingles in next 5 years
  • Advertising for Museum needs to be increased, new brochures need to be designed and ordered, and install a highway sign for the Museum
  • Dehumidifier for museum building

Council noted that the Museum levy has been increased by approximately $4,000 this year so that all of the maintenance items listed here could be promptly addressed.


Capital Budget

Council discussed the 2016 capital budget considering all of the information received from Department Heads.  The attached spreadsheet shows the capital budget items that are currently being considered by Council.


#111-09-16      R. Case – B. Reid

THAT we adjourn until the next regular meeting or Call of the Chair. CARRIED


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Mayor                                                                          Clerk


11:45 a.m.

These Minutes are not considered official until adopted by Counci