April 9, 2024 - Committee of the Whole Meeting


Tuesday, April 9, 2024 at 7:00 p.m.



a.) By-law # 2023-12: Mobile Food Vendor By-law Review






a.) Ice Rental Cancellation Policy
b.) Marina Report
c.) 2024 Draft Arena & Fairground Rental Rates
d.) Atrium Insurance Discussion
e.) ICIP Project Update





Tuesday, April 9th, 2024 at 7:00 p.m.


PRESENT: Mayor Brenda Reid, Councillors Dwayne Elliott, Jennifer Hooper, and Robert Maguire.

STAFF: Deb MacDonald – Treasurer/Deputy CAO, Heidi Ferguson- Clerk, Freda Bond- Tax & Utility Manager, Crystal Lentir- Administrative Assistant and Jackie White- PEC.

REGRETS: Councillor Janice Bowerman and Alton Hobbs – CAO.


Moved by Councillor Elliott:
THAT the meeting be opened with Mayor Reid presiding in the Chair. CARRIED


The Mayor read the Land Acknowledgement.

Disclosures: None at this time.


Moved by Councillor Hooper:
THAT we accept the agenda as presented. CARRIED


1) By-law # 2023-12: Mobile Food Vendor By-law Review
The Committee reviewed By-law #2023-12. Discussion took place and the committee would like to see two changes made, including
changing the name from Information Booth to Toboggan Hill and
having Queen’s Park accommodate Class B: Non-Motorized Food Sales only.


Moved by: Councillor Elliott
THAT we have reviewed By-law 2023-12, and direct staff to make the identified changes prior to advertising to the public. CARRIED


2.) Ice Rental Cancellation Policy
Staff presented the proposed Ice Rental Cancellation Policy to the Committee and explained that this policy would be in effect for the arena’s main user groups. Discussion took place and the following resolution was passed:

Moved by Councillor Hooper:
THAT we approve the Ice Rental Cancellation Policy. CARRIED


3.) Marina Report
The Marina Manager explained her report to the Committee and advised that the Marina will be staffed this year by a summer student for July and August, as well as the Arena Staff member and Marina Manager who will work there as well as required.

Discussion took place and it was mentioned that there is some debris by the ramp that needs to be cleaned up. Staff also advised that Public Works is currently repairing the docks, which will be installed prior to the Marina opening.

Staff asked the Committee to take into consideration a few budget items for the Marina including the stairs down to the beach, purchasing an accessible mobi-mat, purchasing flowers, and purchasing sand for the beach and Canada Day.


Moved by Councillor Elliott:

THAT we accept the Marina Report and thank the Marina Manager for her report. CARRIED


4c.) 2024 Draft Arena & Fairground Rental Rates
Staff explained the rationale behind setting these rates and that the rates have been slightly increased to ensure we are competitive. Staff are seeking Council’s approval of these draft rates.
Members of the committee had the opportunity to ask their questions and discussion took place regarding the rental rates and ice rental rates for the Arena. Staff shared some numbers regarding the private rental rates in 2019 versus 2023 and members of the Committee asked staff to provide them with a breakdown of these rental numbers per year and the overall income that was generated.


4d.) Atrium Insurance Discussion
Staff advised the Committee that currently the policy to rent the
Atrium requires renters to provide proof of insurance, which if you are not a business then we accept homeowners’ insurance. Staff explained that this is not always possible for people and that this year we had to turn away 6 birthday party rentals due to this policy. Staff are seeking Council’s assistance in finding a solution to overcome this.

Staff explained that they did find a new insurance company online that will provide coverage for events at a minimal cost, which could be a potential option for renters.

Staff also informed the Committee that not all staff members are in support of removing this insurance rental clause.
The Committee requested that staff check with our Insurance Company whether this would be covered under our General Municipal Liability Insurance.


4e.) ICIP Project Update
Staff provided an update on the ICIP Project and advised the Committee that as this grant was received in 2019 and we did experience delays with COVID, the quotes that we initially received in 2019 may not reflect today’s costing.
Staff explained that we have until June 2025 to complete this project and while there are still some unspent funds, the ditching, storage shed, and green space components are underway.
Members of the Committee had the opportunity to ask their questions and had a discussion regarding the project and its components.


5.) 2024 Budget Discussion
2024 Budget Discussions continued starting with the Capital Budget and discussion took place regarding the Capital Budget Items and many members of the Committee expressed their concerns regarding the limited funds that are currently available for Capital if we do not raise taxes.
It was suggested that we ask staff members to see where can find savings and efficiencies within the draft budget and the Treasurer/Deputy CAO will ask staff for their feedback.

The Mayor asked members of the Committee to please review the At a Glance document and their original priorities so we can continue our discussions next week.


Members of the Committee reviewed the Long-Term Plan and discussion took place regarding various projects contained within the Long-Term Plan, such as the Stairs to the Marina, Red Lodge Road, establishment of Museum Reserves, Docks, Landfill, Branson Tractor Engine, Furnace Repairs, Salt Shed and Fire Hall.
It was suggested that we have our EDO to explore funding opportunities available to us.


Moved by Councillor Hooper:
THAT we adjourn until the next regular meeting or Call of the Chair. CARRIED


Chair: Brenda Reid                                                   Recording Officer: Heidi Ferguson

*These Minutes have been circulated but are not considered Official until approved by Council.