October 22, 2015 - Special Council Meeting




Held Thursday, October 22, 2015 at 1:30 p.m.



Mayor: Paul Moffatt,  Members Bob Case, Brenda Reid, Leslie Fields, Hugh Moggy,

C.A.O.: Alton Hobbs, Clerk: Jeremy Rody

Dave Ham, Paul Bonwick  S.S. Norisle Steamship Society


No Disclosures of Pecuniary Interest


# 376-24-15     R. Case – H. Moggy

THAT this special meeting of the Council of the Corporation of the Township of Assiginack be opened for business with a quorum of members present at 1:30 pm, with Mayor Moffatt presiding in the Chair. CARRIED.


# 377-24-15     R. Case – H. Moggy

THAT the agenda for this meeting be accepted as presented.  CARRIED.


# 378-24-15     B. Reid – L. Fields

THAT in accordance with By-law # 02-02 as amended and Section 239 of the Municipal Act as amended, Council proceed to a Closed Session at 1:35 pm in order to attend to a matter pertaining to:

  1. The security of the property of the Municipality or local board. CARRIED.



Paul Bonwick, Principal of Compenso Communication Inc and member of the Steamship Society gave an overview/update of what the society has been doing to date.  In essence, based on discussions with the Ontario Minister of Tourism, the Society has applied for special, non-program funding from the Ministry to update the cost estimates from the Economic Cruise Ship Plan of 2009 and to do a structural review. It has been agreed that it is not practical or proper for the Township to invest more municipal tax dollars in the project and that the Province really has an obligation to assist in the solution to the current problems with the vessel.

The Steamship Society is currently awaiting approval of this funding which in round figures is $300,000.  Of this, the local proponents, being the Township/Steamship Society would be expected to contribute $90,000.  But Compenso has agreed to pick up these costs.  The cheque must be written from the Township but Compenso will reimburse the local component of this project.  Mr. Bonwick feels that the Ministry’s decision may be announced within the next few weeks.

Mr. Bonwick put forth two options for the vessel.  Option A is that the project is still financially viable and a fundraising campaign can be undertaken to raise the funds and he vessel will become a Great Lakes Cruiser.  There is a sub component to this Option.  The ownership must be divested from the Township to another ownership model.  This model will be based on the contributors’ requirements.

Option B is that the project is not viable and the Township must investigate the options and costs for ‘scrapping’ the vessel.  As these costs are estimated to begin at the $300,000 level, this is not a preferred option.

After considerable discussion, Council agreed that if the taxpayers were not responsible for the $90,000 local component, we would proceed with Option A.  There was however considerable concern that the project will in fact be viable.


# 379-24-15     L. Fields – B. Reid

THAT we adjourn from our closed session at 2:45 pm and resume our regular meeting. CARRIED.


# 380-24-15     B. Reid – L. Fields

THAT we adjourn until the next regular meeting or call of the Chair.  CARRIED.



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Mayor                                                                          Clerk


2:55 pm

These Minutes are not considered official until adopted by Council.