September 5, 2023 - Committee of the Whole Meeting


Tuesday, September 5, 2023




a.) Veteran’s Banner Policy
b.) Property Standards Clarification: Undeveloped lands
c.) In Memoriam Signage Request- Rodger’s Bridge


a.) Public Works Superintendent Report
b.) Birch Street Gravel
c.) Sucker Lake Road Maintenance
d.) Sandy Point Subdivision
e.) Church Road Status
f.) Request- Maintenance of McLean’s Road
g.) Cardwell Street Speeding




a.) Petition- Fishing at the Marina





Tuesday, September 5, 2023 at 7:06 p.m.

PRESENT: Mayor Brenda Reid, Councillors Janice Bowerman, Dwayne Elliott, Jennifer Hooper, Robert Maguire
Staff: Alton Hobbs- CAO, Heidi Ferguson- Clerk, Deb MacDonald – Treasurer, Freda Bond- Tax & Utility Manager, Jackie White- PEC, Ron Cooper- PW Superintendent.


Moved by Councillor Bowerman:
THAT the meeting be opened with Mayor Reid presiding in the Chair. CARRIED


Disclosures: None at this time.


la) Veteran’s Banner Policy
The Committee reviewed the Draft Veteran’s Banner Policy and sought clarification from staff on a few of the items including if we have bottom banner arms and if we should include a definitive banner size within the policy for future purchasing. The committee recommended that we amend the error in the second paragraph under the Procedures for Installation, include a copy of the invoice to be attached to the policy for future purchasing ease and that we amend the policy to specify where we will store the banners at the Museum to include that they will be stored inside the Museum.


Moved by Councillor Bowerman, Seconded by Councillor Hooper:
THAT we approve the Veteran’s Banner Policy with the changes identified. CARRIED


lb) Property Standards Clarification:
Staff explained that we have had requests from neighbors regarding overgrown lots. We have many lots within the Township that have not been developed and are still forests or were previously developed many years ago but have returned to their original state.
Staff are seeking guidance from the Committee when we review the Property Standards By-law on how they would like this addressed within the by-law and to what standard.
Discussion was had regarding this and whether it is the municipality’s responsibility to cut the grass from the lot line to the sidewalk or the property owner’s responsibility. Staff explained that it has never been municipal policy to cut this portion of grass or ask the property owner to do so.


lc) In Memoriam Signage Request:
The Committee reviewed a request to have a sign in memory of Andy Bowerman installed on Rodger’s Creek Bridge. As many members of the Committee mentioned, Andy served as a member of Council for many years and was one of the members instrumental in getting this bridge.

The Mayor clarified that the request is for the installation of a sign, not the re­ naming of the bridge. After discussion, the Committee asked staff to explore a number of options including cost, size, placement, and maintenance and requested that staff bring back a report at the next Committee of the Whole Meeting.


2a) Public Works Superintendent Report
The Committee was provided with an overview by the Public Works Superintendent of the work and projects that Public Works has been completing recently and what projects will be completed in the month of September. Members of the committee had the opportunity to ask the Public Works Superintendent their questions regarding Public Works and the current projects.
Members of the committee thanked the Superintendent for his cost savings approach and judgement on not proceeding to calcium the road this fall.


2b) Birch Street Gravel:
The Public Works Superintendent explained that we had planned to have this street hard surfaced this year, however the company would not warranty the work, due to the poor condition of the current hard surfacing. The Public Works Superintendent is requesting the Committee’s approval to grade the roadway and mix in the remaining hard surfacing with gravel this Fall. This would mean that this street would temporarily go back to a gravel road with plans to hard surface next year. The cost to patch this road otherwise, will be very expensive.

The Committee agreed and advised the Superintendent to proceed and suggested that the culverts be inspected now, with the hard surfacing to be discussed when the Budget is reviewed next month.


2c) Sucker Lake Road Maintenance:
The Public Works Superintendent advised Council that typically Public Works plows the road in the winter all the way to the beach and turns around in the cul-de-sac, which is private property. The Superintendent would like to build a turnaround to the right for the snowplow, to stay off of private property and wanted to advise Council of this.


2d) Sandy Point Subdivision
The Public Works Superintendent explained that as per his email, he has concerns with where the hydro poles have been installed in the Sandy Point Subdivision, as they are in the middle of ditch and some very close to the road and this has been done without consulting the Township or our permission.
The Public Works Superintendent is recommending that we contact Hydro One to set up a meeting to share our concerns.

Discussion took place and the Committee agreed and would like staff to contact Hydro One to share our concerns and invite a representative to a meeting. The Committee would also like to know what agreements and processes other communities have with Hydro One and to check with our neighbors in Wiikwemkoong.


2e) Church Road Status
The Public Works Superintendent informed members of the Committee that the road has been widened and ditched and should solve the previous concerns. Discussion was had about drainage and ditching on this road.


2f) Request Maintenance of McLean’s Road
Staff explained that we have received a request for McLean’s Road, off New England Road, to be maintained on a year-round basis by a new property owner who lives there year-round.
Historically this road has not been maintained year-round for a number of years and was a forced road that was transferred to the Township at least fifty years ago. The Public Works Superintendent advised that it is narrower than our regular roads, approximately 50 feet wide, and there is nowhere to turn around unless you do so in a driveway and to bring this road up to standards, it will require a lot of work.
The Committee was also advised that this road is only currently seasonally maintained from May 1st to October 15th.
After discussion, the Committee requested that this item come back to the next Committee of the Whole.

The Public Works Superintendent informed members of the Committee that the road has been widened and ditched and should solve the previous concerns.
Discussion was had about drainage and ditching on this road.


2g) Cardwell Street Speeding
Councillor Hooper advised the Committee that there have been several complaints and concerns expressed over the speeding on Cardwell Street, especially where the speed switches from 50km to 70km. There are very few times that drivers obey the speed limit, and this road has very little police presence.

Discussion took place in regard to suggestions for improvements and the Committee decided that they would like staff to contact the OPP and ask for increased enforcement in this area, have our CPAC member bring this issue up at the next CPAC Meeting, research the rules and regulations around the signage required in a Community Safety Zone and have Public Works install additional signage that could include speed limit sign, Community Safety Zone and Children at Play.


3) Protection and Control


4a) Petition- Fishing at the Marina

NOTE: Prior to discussion of this item, Councillor Maguire declared a conflict of interest and abstained from the discussion and any decisions on this matter.

Staff explained that we have received a petition from boaters at the Marina regarding their concerns about us allowing fishing from the dock. Discussion took place and the Committee would like to have staff bring a report back to the next meeting to be discussed.


Moved by Councillor Hooper:
THAT we adjourn at 8:25 p.m. until the next regular meeting or Call of the Chair. CARRIED


Chair: Brenda Reid Recording Officer: Heidi Ferguson

*These Minutes have been circulated but are not considered Official until approved by Council.